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    How the hell do I stop spammers from using sendmail?

    like the subject says...

    Is there a wrapper or program that monitors SENDMAIL and say for example, if sendmail is being used to send over 30 emails per minute, it sends an email to the admin letting us know or suspends the account?

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    Qmail is a good sendmail program

    Which control panel do u use ... i think ensim has something like that built in
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    Delete the guy's account
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    Use qmail and rblsmtpd and tarpitt

    remove sendmail from /usr/bin or wherever it is and set up a link to /var/qmail/bin/qmail-inject
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    Maybe you have an open relay SMTP? Or maybe a buggy php/cgi script that grants free access to sendmail and then someone is using it to send out spam?

    check out the system logs and processes and you will be able to fix the problem or catch the user who is abusing your system resources

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