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    Remote Connection Problems afhte server reboot

    hi all,
    a am not able to connecting remotely to a server. For eg. via SSH i am not able to connecting to another server using ftp it goes in timeout.
    Whyle conecting via FTP client (eg. cuteftp) works fine.
    I use this tipe of connection for filehosting service however it stopped working afhter i reboot the remote server....

    Thanks for any help

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    I guess you will need to check the firewall in the server. But if you are not able to access the remote server via SSH, you will have to contact your NOC to flush the firewall for you.

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    please note that this is a VPS.
    thank but there is no firewall installed on remote server.. could it be they have a firewall somwhere else that blocks accessing my VPS?


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    So you can access your server but have difficulties in access other servers from your server? - Is your site up?
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