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    [HIRING]: PHP/MYSQL Optimization Expert

    PHP/MYSQL Optimization Expert
    Server: Xeon 2.4ghz , 3gig Ram , 2x 120gig HD
    Site: 34,000+ members, DB Size 200mb, Site slows down when 200+ members are logged in. PHP Zend, and My.cnf have been optimized.
    Problem: To many Left Join's, poor php coding when calling select sql queries

    : At least 3yrs Experience with PHP/Mysql
    : Experience in Optimize PHP coding and Mysql DB's for performance and speed
    : Prior work and experience with Large DBs
    : You will be required to Check in daily with progress reports

    What I'm not looking for...
    - Programmers who "think" they can do any job (i'm not paying someone to learn)
    - Excuse for missing deadlines. Every unprofessional programmer uses the Family member excuse.
    - Someone who expects payment upfront... You will not be paid upfront unless you represent a Legit US company or can show references to 6 High Paying PHP/MYSQL jobs in which you completed on time. Escrow payment will be used.

    Please do not respond if you're looking for quick/easy money. This is not a 2day project and I will no hire someone that is currently working on 2-3+ other projects at the same time.

    patrick [at]
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    Well, To say that you were unclear would be untrue to any degree.

    Now heres what I will bring if your interested, I know I can do anything, not a question of learning UNLESS you throw something at me that is not what are are requesting, for example: write a php code that will execute such and such at a certain time, on the server, a problem I've recently encountered and do know how to do but used as an example here.

    As for deadlines, If you give me a project that will take me 2 months, and you give me 2 days, you wont get an excuse, you will get me telling you straight forward the MINIMUM amount of time I will need to require this, I dont like excuses either but I will not be a person who promises what he cannot accomplish.

    Payment upfront, No, I wouldnt ask for that. I do have that experience, I currently support about 4 cms' that use large databases. And know how to optimize and code in php that will DEFINATLEY meet your needs. There's a but to this as well. First Job, I will request within 1 week of beginning the project, a third of the agreed upon payment, That is so that I have the knowledge that you will pay me and not have me work on all this and not see a dime.

    These are my requirements, I tell you this so you wont see anything unexpected.

    I have the experience needed, the knowledge and have worked on many large database projects as well optimize code for php and so much more.
    My e-mail is [email protected].
    Darklord is my programming handle, has been for years.

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    still looking for someone with available time to take on this project.

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    I am the owner of and we are famous for out optimization. One of our admins is an expert and optimizing PHP code and we would happily take a look for you.

    About payment do not worry about that, as mentioned you can pay after it has been completed. The first thing our admin will want is to check the script over and to see what can doing. Once he has done that he will write a report of what can be changed to improve it etc. At that point it is the point whether you decide whether we continue or not and of course we decide on pay.

    If you want to enquire more please email sales[@]seeksadmin[dot]com and create a ticket. Also check around these forums (search for seeksadmin) and you will see a few reviews on our optimization work.

    Hope to hear from you soon Owner: Providing Security, Administration and Optimization since 2001

    Now Offering Windows Serivces.

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