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    Mediatemple GS victim needs new host + advice (urgent)

    I probably wouldn't have built my new project on the Mediatemple (gs) plan if I would have found the threads about it in this forum. But I went ahead because it seemed to me the only good scalable solution out there so far and this is what I need for the new project.

    Anyway, here is my situation:

    I worked on this new project for 3 months now and it's finally ready to launch next friday. Today was the worst day ever with Mediatemple and because my new project is a community driven site I can't risk that mediatemple screws the success of it.

    I was always with hostgator and still have some sites there but this one will probably have a higher server load and I can't risk that any provider just shuts me down because the ram usage is too high. I'm also a student and have a small budget so I try to avoid getting a dedicated server.

    What would you suggest? Are there any similar scalable hosting plans that wouldnt give me downtime if I would have to upgrade? If the community grows that I need a dedicated I'm fine to get one but obviously I don't know it yet (even though its looking damn good that this project will be a success).

    I would appreciate any advice!

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    How about a VPS?
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    I'm looking into this as an option but are transitions from a VPS to a dedicated smooth if its with the same host?

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    If you're just starting off I'd recommend save some money and stick with a shared host, move when you need to. Moving from VPS > a Dedicated server should actually be easier since its almost the same thing, except one allows for less processing power.

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    Try I use them for one of my sites and they are excellent. They offer a number of VPS packages that may suit your needs.

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    The only real scalable solution, unless I'm wrong, is to go with a VDS. A VDS provider can upgrade your RAM, CPU, diskspace, as needed. You won't need to go through downtime either.

    With a shared host, you could run into problems if you start negatively affecting your neighbors on the server. A dedicated server will be expensive, and will require downtime while you upgrade. Not to mention a dedicated is probably overkill for what you need at the present time. Don't pay for more than what you actually need.

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    Thanks a lot guys!
    Any advice on a good vps host that also offers good dedicated servers with a proven track record? I really like hostgator they are so quick and their support is awesome but they don't offer vps.

    I'm kinda scared of going to a provider that I don't know about because of all the trouble I went through.

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