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    Lightbulb A New Web 2.0 AJAX Website is Born! Looking For Beta Tester

    Good day folks!

    After going through years of heavy waves and thunderstorm, am I glad to announce that PayProject is finally in its launching stage.

    A Little Explanation
    PayProject is a marketplace that provides both trading and project bidding environment in a new evolution way. Powered with AJAX substances that allow everyone to view new project or auction listing in real time! (If you know Digg Spy? It works that way)

    • Bid in real time.
    • View your listing with incrementing bids and views in real time.
    • Listing life cycle ends in real time.
    • Giving feedback to member in real time.
    • Communication in real time.
    • etc.

    Real time basically means not having to refresh the page to fulfill a request.

    Having said that, I am now officially looking for good beta testers to test out the application. Note that this is not a PAYPROJECT I’m currently forking out money to pay the bill for the server and will also be paying for any upcoming marketing/advertising once the project is tested in satisfactory state. But then again, beta testers will be rewarded with lots of credits* to advertise or make premier (sticky) to your listings, without paying a dim.

    * Credits are subject to how many you are given after the test. Credits will be revoke if any individual is found to be disobeying the rules or at PayProject own reasonable discretions.

    Opening position for Beta Testers are limited and ONLY for individuals who are knowledgeable on "Web technologies". If you are interested in being part of the success and become one of the pioneer user in PayProject, please kindly proceed to and send me a “Request For Invitation Key” message. On the message box, please also provide any design or programming knowledge you are well versed in. I may be looking to hire (Yes, it’s a pay job) a Designer and Programmer in the near future.

    Investor / Partner Relationship
    I am open to any ideas on partnership. As long as I think it fits my criteria. If anyone is interested, you may use the contact form and send me a topic on “Investor / Partner Relationship” message.

    Thank you and best regards,
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    Use .htaccess so that the file extension does not show like

    and make it

    I just emailed you for being a beta tester

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    Hi Eric,

    thanks for pointing that out but that for me now is a secondary issue. I've got your email and will be contacting you right after I got home (I'm at work now). I've got your msn btw, do you mind if I add you to my contact list?

    Some Heads Up
    In order not to waste everybody's precious time, I'd like to clarify a few things.

    1. Like I've mentioned, I'm open to any great ideas on collaboration. But one thing for sure, I'm currently not interested in any hosting relationship, as I have already got a dedicated server and have received quite a few offers for this. For now, I'd like to focus more on other aspects.
    2. For those who wish to discuss more on future collaboration prospect, please kindly include your current business focus. If I don't know your background, it is hard for me to give you any reply if you are just contacting me and asking me what kind of partnership I'm looking for.
    3. Please include your WHT username when contacting me. I will ONLY consider members from WHT who have a clean profile.

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    Sure no problem add me to your msn maybe we can discuss a few things in case you are looking for partners in this.

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    Can i be a tester? It look awesome (like digg)
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