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    Praise for

    Just a quick message to offer my thanks to for their superb service. I started hosting with them in May 2003 following massive problems with Dot5Hosting [see the old threads on this forum here (2003) and here (2003) and here (2005)]. Since then my sites have gone from strength the strength with them.

    This week I've moved to an even more powerful dedicated server as part of their new UK hosting.

    Suffice to say I would recommend them to absolutely everyone - feel free to contact me for further details. I am a teacher who runs a few websites - see these examples: and

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    Glad to see good reviews, hosting companies are definately trying lately!

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    Ahh! Great job Matt and his crew. Ive always liked Matt.
    I wasnt aware they now offered dedicated servers. Good to know! - Quality Web Hosting - Under A Gig! - Since 1999

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    Glad to hear that you have found the perfect host for yourself, thank you for sharing your experience with us

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    Praise for
    I like to read this kind of message.

    Ive always liked Matt.
    Just in case you want to take another peek:

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    Hi Andy

    Thanks very much for taking the time to post this. Its been a pleasure working with, and watching your sites develop into the huge success they are now.

    Seasons greatings,
    Matt Wallis
    United Communications Limited
    High Performance Shared & Reseller | Managed VPS Cloud | Managed Dedicated
    UK | US | Since 1998.

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