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Thread: cpanel cluster

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    cpanel cluster

    Anyone notice severe slowness when cpanel cluster is enabled on half a dozen servers? I mean slowness in anything to do with dns including creating an account, changing IP's (server load normal). Resolvers are fine too

    When creating an takes 5-10 minutes after this line to complete. This is ridiculous
    Added Entries to httpd.conf

    I'm using Stable on all boxes too. Anyone know of a suggestion?

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    Are they on a local LAN or in different datacenters?
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    It is the way that the servers sync using cPanels scripts. It completely reloads and syncs across each server as it makes the change on each server. The cluster idea is good, but when you put a couple of thousand domains in them across multiple servers you will see load caused by them.

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    I do not see such a delay in one of my hosts who uses DNS cluster (dns1 in USA, dns2 in Europe).

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