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    Looking for a good domain availability/register script

    Hello everyone, we are working on a new design for our website and we need a good script that will allow people to look up the availability of domain names. We want it to be able to give them a link to our billing system to order the name if it is available also.
    In addition, we want it to have the abaility to add a smal bar in the header for lookups on every page, or atleast the main page, and display results on another page, as most websites have. Something like has.
    I have been searching, and trying different scripts, but for some reason I get alot of errors when trying to install the ones that I have found free.
    I don't mind paying for one, but I cant see paying a crazy price like I have seen on some. I have seen prices from $300 to $10. Obviously I would prefer it to be in the $xx range.

    We would also like a script that potential buyers could use for getting a custom package quote. I found a couple of these at, but they just dont do what I need them to.

    Any suggestions?
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