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    100 Unique Template + Free Second Arcade!

    Im selling as its Christmas time and I need money. I bought this site about 2 weeks ago, which I really shouldn't have done as I nee to buy presents. :$: :$:

    General Information

    The site uses script and has around 1300 games and a custom template. For about a week or so I used adwords a bit, but there was only about 100 uniques from it (you can see from the awstats referals) Before I bought the site it was advertised on Mypace so its the highest referal... I aso told people in my college so theres traffic from word of mouth. I use adsense but I put up valueclickmedia today just to see how they did.

    One condition on the site is that you must keep the banners on the top on for another 5 1/2 months as someone payed for this. If you don't want to keep them you will ned to add $70 to the finished price which is what was payed for them.


    Stats (Updated every 24 hours):

    Adsense Stats:


    If BIN price is taken I will also include
    It uses, it doesnt have much traffic and only a few clicks from adsense. The script and domain alone are worth $40

    Starting Bid: $50
    Bid Increments: $100
    BIN: $200
    Ending Date: 30th Nov

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    Site sold, thanks

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