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    Ha tornado warning

    i was listening to the radio just now when i heard that my whole area is on tornado warning for the next week. The weather has been pretty bad lately with lots of rain and strong winds. Some houses in the county near me have had their roofs ripped off with small tornadoes If one did come it would be pretty amazing to see one form (ive never seen a tornado forming before)

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    If one did come it would be pretty amazing to see one form (ive never seen a tornado forming before)
    I'd much rather watch one form on TV or film, much safer.

    I hope none of them touch down over there.
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    I saw a really huge tornado over Lake Whitney some years back. We were out on the lake when a storm approached rapidly. We had swells that were about 7 ft, and in a small boat were were panicing pretty badly. We made it back to our campsite looked up and there was a monster tornado!

    It was back in the day of the brick cell phones, I sure which I'd had a camera phone it was an awesome sight. After it was over it was raining shad and other small fish the tornado actually went over the water and picked them up in the process.

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    In our area they only issue tornado warnings if there's actually a tornado spotted on the ground. Anything else is merely a tornado "watch".

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    A tornado warning for an entire week! Some storm...... o.O you do realize that nobody can predict when a tornado will occur, nor even if tornadoes will be likely until about an hour before they happen.

    I was surprised when I recently found out that Britain has the highest number of tornadoes per square mile. Do they even do tornado preparedness there?

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    Yep we have tornado watches this evening and the a winter warning for tommorrow. You gotta love Texas weather!

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