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    MediaTemple Down

    The mediatemple control panel as well as my website are down.

    I would post the URLs but this queer block on my newly registered account won't let me even type a url, let alone put in a link.

    Anyone else experiencing issues. I tried calling in, but there were 35 people ahead of my in line

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    Back up

    It appears my url is now loading again. Total downtime roughly 15 minutes that I know of.
    The media temple control panel is still dead though.

    This grid isn't as redundant as they say it is....

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    my site is down too

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    Site, Control Panel, and their support system down

    This is just boggling my mind now. How can they have their support system on the same (clearly non-redundant) system that all clients sites are hosted on. I can't even login to submit a support ticket.

    Their system status page also says there are no critical issues.

    I would think that 35 people in line on the phone and downtime should be considered an issue.

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    yea they have been feeding out some marketing BS on redundant grid system but clearly it's not. From day one the service has been crap.

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