Right basically our new site is nearly complete


However the designer / coder will be completing it next week had a few personal issues.

Basically what i want is a few things changed.

Maybe someone will be able to get the design full width? i.e make the header strtch wider by adding something so the content for news profiles etc can be much wider.

But what would be better is maybe to remove the eC*K lan , shop etc and then the news could stretch upto the left nav


Would like a few things added in profiles

The ability for that person to upload there gaming config for all to download

Would also like the portfolio to look more like


also another thing i added tinymce which is a WYSIWYG however i installed the UK version but for some reason its all in german so would like that in English aswell as adding another option like the smiley drop down menu but for Flag images.

Would also like it so when news is posted on the main site it also makes a post on the forums with a preview of what was posted linking to the full article.