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    Looking for VPS recommendations

    Hi, we're looking to host a college web site at a VPS. Our needs are relatively modest, and include:

    40GB space
    1TB/mo bandwidth
    need Apache with mod_speling (long story)
    need FTP access (with possibility for SFTP)
    Do not need email.
    Uptime and response time are important.
    Would like some online backup capability.

    Budget... well, we don't need the cheapest option out there.

    I've looked into MediaTemple's dedicated virtual option. Looks good. Anyone have any experience with it?

    Or, any other recommendations?


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    I think that you should go with dedicated server. It seems to me that it'll be better for you.

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    Thanks. True, dedicated would be better. But, we've decided to look at VPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klark
    Thanks. True, dedicated would be better. But, we've decided to look at VPS.
    I realy can't understand why? Have any offers in mind? I think that it is realy dificult to advice you any

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    Thanks. I appreciate your willingness to help.

    Our site is almost 100% static. We're not doing anything dynamic. While this may change, it's a ways off. We do need some simple form-to-mail scripts, but that's about it for CGI-type functionality.

    Our current server (in-house) is old and needs replacing.

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    I nderstand. As far as I know this type of hosting is file hosting. You can make search here on WHT or check it by google.
    Good luck in your searching.

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    ServInt has a nifty deal where you're one of only two vps'es on a server for $149/month.

    I've been with ServInt almost 2 years now and I'm very happy with their proactive approach to hardware upgrades/maintenance and customer support.


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    Thanks. I'll check servint out. I just sent them some technical questions.

    Quote Originally Posted by justahandle
    ServInt has a nifty deal where you're one of only two vps'es on a server for $149/month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vigor
    Checkout there sir
    from what i could tell their biggest package dosnt have the space or bandwidth that Klark was looking for
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    Would be really hard to find a host which gives 1TB bw on a VPS .

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    Thanks all. I over-estimated the bandwidth we'd need. High months are currently about 100GB. So, 500GB should be good.

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    I know that you are asking for a VPS, but if your needs are just bandwidth and webspace, without any needs for raw processing power than you could give DreamHost a try. If you don't use too much CPU it should be fine. Don't know much about mod_spelling. But if it is a VPS you are looking for, you can try SliceHost. They have a 40GB/400GB/1024MB plan for $70/month. Very friendly staff, but more important than that is that their very knowledgeable. You can hang out in the chat before joining.

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    1TB isn't much for a highend VPS.

    Its not unknown for a VPS to do 10mb/s constantly without problems.
    UK SSD VPS without compromise - upto 250k IOPS !

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