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    Payment processors located in Europe


    For our online pharmacy which is located in Europe I'm looking for a payment processor who's also located in Europe. It's easier to work like that with the time differences.
    I've tried Swissnet but I can understand that there's a lot of trouble going on with them. Most companies I find are located in the US which is somewhat unpractical.

    Any other suggestions for pharmacy in Europe? I'd be happy to know.

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    There are a few processors in Europe that will allow pharmacies, however, there are some restrictions:
    - Only branded and generic products
    - No products with doubtful efficacy
    - Turnover limits and/or fraud prevention tools required for newly established businesses and in individual cases.

    Furthermore, only pharmacies from the following countries are accepted:
    - Germany
    - United Kingdom
    - Netherlands
    provided that they only distribute to countries within the EU.

    Online pharmacies from the following countries will only be accepted after a legal check:
    - All other EU countries and countries within the EEA
    - Switzerland

    Online pharmacies that distribute to the U.S.A. will only be accepted on the following conditions:
    - The contracting partner is a European online pharmacy with a fulfilment center in the USA, from which the goods are dispatched within the USA
    - The fulfilment center in the USA must be certified under the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites Program (VIPPS) of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. A list of certified companies can be found on
    - A proof of the relationship between the European merchant and the fulfilment center in the USA must be adequately provided.
    - A legal opinion issued by an independent US lawyer must be provided if the merchant sells goods within the USA or to someone in the USA. The lawyer must be accepted by MasterCard.

    The following business models are not permissable:
    - Online prescription
    - Online pharmacies domiciled outside the European Union
    - Distribution of products with doubtful efficiency
    - Importation of prescription drugs into the USA

    As anyone will know, 80% of the online pharmacies on the internet will not be accepted due to reasons listed above, which automatically means you will need to search for a processor that is not in compliant with Visa/MasterCard regulations as other business models are officially not allowed.

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    You might check out to see if they can support you. The problem is now - more and more pharmacies are getting more chargebacks because the customers do not read the terms of service. Some customers think they can order the medicine online (which some of them will support) but some actually require a prescription (and those and usually missed by the consumer).

    I actually ran into one pharmacy a few months back that accepted American Express and Visa, but not MasterCard. I was surprised by that.

    If your volume is warranted, you might also check out

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    The problem is that MasterCard does not support online pharmacies unless they are registered as a BRAM merchant.

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