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    Looking for a partner!

    Looking for a partner who is willing to invest time and money into an online community. I have big plans for my small community, and I came up with an interesting idea related to colleges - I've technical description of the script and all its features written, I'm just waiting to collect some money to hire a programmer.

    I assume writing script of such importance and quality will require at least 500$. Maybe less maybe more.

    Between me and my partner we will conclude a legal agreement, which will state that future profits from the affair will be devided in the following order - I already invested 300$ for the skin, + vb license for 1 year, plus top level domain. Plus my dedication and time. As an author of the idea I'll ask for 70% of the future profits, and my partner gets 30%.

    Right now I cannot put up my ideas on the web, you know someone can read and execute them themselves! I'll share original idea only when I get familliar with the person and sign document that prohibits person from sharing information with any other single person till final partnership agreement is signed.

    Now about me, I'm a CEU/Bocconi business student, I'm a third year undergrad. Currently I live in Budapest hungary - if a partner is from europe I can travel to any country and see person in face.

    Thank you for your attention!

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    * idea

    you need more 500$? Is this so hard to earn them, I actually know some opportunities to earn even on-line and then you won`t need to share your future* proft with anybody.

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    not more than 500 if u could give me an idea how to do that, I'd be more than willing to participate

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    Its really not that hard, I was not planning to advertise anything here but for your simple question I have a simple answer. I am personally starting webhosting business, lets assume that you have some friends/relatives/or any other contacts that probably* need hosting. I wonder who doesn`t need hosting nowadays? You come to me and say I want to earn money, I say you are welcome. No application fee, you probably will not need your website or banner, we make it even more flexible. You send me e-mail, I create username for you. You say the person that want hosting your username and he/she fills it out in a refer filed. Thats all. For each customer I will pay you 10 USD. Will pay via check so that you can go to bank and get your cash. As you see for 10 people you get 100 dollars, not bad? also you get commision not only when they sign in but as well when account is due for renewal. If they subscribe for a 3 monthes you can get for the same person 20$ for 6 monthes.
    Really no advertising, just feel something to the person that is in need fr money as I was in such a need some time ago. Please contact me via pm, when you have time and wanna make some* efforts you`ll success

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