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    Colo quotes

    Hi all,

    Can someone give me some advice regarding costing please? I have asked approx 10 colo hosting companies to provide me with a quote on the below spec:
    A 1U Colo server with 1Mbps line bandwidth

    I've received numerous quotes back, all seemingly valid but the prices differ VASTLY!

    For example:

    From I get this quote:
    Type 1-2 U or Mid-Tower
    IP's 8*
    SLA 100%
    Premium Bandwidth 100 gb
    Transfer Rate 100 mbps
    Instant Reboot Yes
    Setup $0
    Monthly $59

    From I get this quote:
    $52.95/month: 1U of space and 1 Mbps of bandwidth

    From I get this quote:
    1U colo with 1mbps at $99 / month

    And from I get this quote:
    1Mbps $250.00/month

    Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong, because surely there can't be 5 times the price difference for the same spec colo hosting? Would it matter what tier they're connecting to?

    Can anyone help with the kind of questions I should be asking?

    Many thanks in advance of your help!


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    It can vary that much on the smaller commitments of Bandwidth and Space, the issue is that a lot of the companies do not like to have just a single server collocated with them. You have a lot of overhead in quoting account managment etc that you have to deal with for just one customer.
    Linn Boyd

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    A lot of items go into what a company quotes. Just to name a few:
    - Facility they are in and how much they pay per cab/rack (for power and space)
    - Bandwidth providers they use and how much they pay per meg
    - Types of support they offer/or don't
    - What type of server you are colocating (1U or tower)

    So its no surprise the varying quotes. What I would ask myself first is: how critical is this box im locating and am I willing to pay a good price if it is. From there, how much BW do you need/or can live with, what location of the world is the colo in, and what type of hands support ($$ and 24x7) do they have. Then you can narrow down some of the quotes.

    Good luck.

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    Many providers specialize in 1U and 1Mbps. Some prefer to stay away from those opts. It all varies depending on the provider...... - colocation, dedicated and cloud quotes

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