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    Hosting Design For Sale[SOLD]

    Hello .

    This is for a Hosting Template I purchased and didn't need and it is doing my no good sitting around collecting dust on my hard drive. This will come with HTML and PSD's and the Min Bid is 100.00 you can offer a buyout if you like but the Min is 100.00 payment is through Pay Pal Instant Funds or CC though Pay Pal , No Echecks. Once payment is recieved you will be emailed the Zip containing the files.

    thanks , It's SOLD
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    Nice design

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    thanks , hopefully someone buys it

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    I thought Tim refunded you the money for the design, now why are you selling it?

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    SOLD for 150.00

    No I was never refunded the money for it , and I already had another design and after 2weeks of unpleasant debating I took the design. But any way it's sold

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