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    Javascript customization


    I have a problem with 2 combined javascripts and need somebody to solve it.

    The problem is as follows:

    Example source (HTML and JS) are available at:

    or in a rar file:

    Everything works perfectly on Firefox, but doesn't on Internet Explorer.

    I need this to work properly on IE.

    Taking a look on the test example, on IE, everything works fine until I add a new row at "Section 1".
    After adding a new row, only the new row can be properly formatted as currency, and all other previously existing currency fields become crazy when onfocus/onblur, and so on each time i add a new row... all existing fields before adding a new row, can't be formated again.

    I request quote for making this to be compatible with IE and work as actually in Firefox does, leaving it's funtionality exactly as is.

    Original ( but customized by me) javascritps are WFORMS and CURRENCYEDITCONTROL.

    Please, leave me a PM if you get it.



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    Take a look at a few threads below this:

    Paul should be able to complete your request within a reasonable time and budget!

    Good luck,

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