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    Restarting Server On Regular Besis

    Hi everybody,

    I was reading few day ago, that it is recommended to restart Linux servers on a regular basis, once a month, something like that. What do you think about this?

    Thank you,

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    There is no such rule. It depends on what application you run on the server. Few of my servers have 100+ day uptime, mainly because sites do not crash the server, some server always need a reboot because of the scripts/sites hosted on the server.

    For windows server, i used to reboot daily, for windows 2000, i do it two times a day with sheduled task.

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    Yeah, there is no rule for a reboot period or something like that. Also, you can boast about the uptime if you dont reboot the server for a long time

    anyway, its good to reboot the server that will fresh up the memory and scan if there is any harddisk errors etc
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    A properly set up and configured server should never need a reboot unless you made changes to core components which require a restart, like installing system patches. This applies to Windows, Solaris, BSD and all other Unix based systems. - Is your site up?
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