Hey guys, I finally got a new server, dual core opty 170, 1GB ram, 100mbps network all provided by SoftLayer

Byebye Server SuckPronto lol

But anyways, I need to get my cpanel working good. Currently I got php 5.2, MySql 5, apache 1.3

What should I have? My servers going to host some little people on mywebsites for a few $$ but nothing serious and its going to host about 4 forums with 200 people on at all times. I'm going to upgrade the server of course right now theirs usually 150 people on at all times per site which theirs 2 of em, load is pretty good.

Now I was thinking of using lighttpd over apache for static content..should I do this? and how?
Also should I use apache 2.x or 1.x and how do I install eaccelerator with cpanel? I have no clue I've only read alittle tho

My final question, how do I limit my shared hosting clients from maxing out bandwidth? As in they have a 100mb file and their friends download it at 1mB/s I dont want that as I want to limit their bandwidth and speed's iono how to do that in cpanel though

Thanks for anyhelp ! if you have any other suggestions for making the server fast I'm up to them, I'm the owner I also have 2 other admin whom are OK at doing stuff but they havent really cared bout speed, just load & stability so they cant really help with optmizing it just securing it