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    Please review

    Please visit, which provides free website promotion tutorials, seo tools and link exchange. Please help give some comments about the design and layout, such as background color, text color, layout of the contents, and structure of the whole websites.

    SEO experts please help figure out the errors in those website promotion tutorials, and most of the articles are written by myself with lots of errors inside.

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    I like the simple design and the rounding of the edges, that make it look like an opened book.
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    Thanks for your comments, and this is the first positive reviews I got. All others are negative. But I do think I need to do something on it.

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    The site looks simple in design, but it looks that the site can be improved in terms of color schema. Moreover the header/banner could be more vibrant.

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    I'm looking for some website designers to give me a free template, and the exchange is to place a designer's link at the footer of the homepage.

    Interested, please PM me.

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