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Thread: Computer Died?

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    Computer Died?

    Well another computer I have, I just went away for a bit and then my monitor said out of range.

    So I tried to reboot the computer, but all it does is do long beeps with a second or so inbetween.

    I know they mean something, but I am not sure what. It just keeps beeping long beeps one after another.

    Anyone know what it means?

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    You'll need to find your motherboard manual, or visit the website for the manufacturer and check what the beep codes mean.

    Check the usual things like cables, RAM, hard disk connections etc as something may of come out.

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    How many beeps is it? That will make all the difference. Can you not get to safe mode? What exactly shows up on your computer monitor?

    Change the Bios Jumper to another place mode and see if you can't get up and access Bios. There are many ways you can find out what is wrong in Bios.

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    Check your video card
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    Well, first off if you could supply the manufactor name and model number of the machine.

    If you do not have a standard pc, like if you had it custom built, or added different parts, please dont forget those details.

    Until you figure out the above information I wouldnt even think to begin changing jumpers or pulling your video card out.

    Let us know what machine you have and Ill do my best to tell you how to fix the issue. Also dont forget to give us the layout of the beeps. ex. beep---beep-beep
    Let the dash represent the time in between each beep. We will need this because depending on the pattern it could mean many different things.


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