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    Recovering Domain Names

    I recently purchased 3 web hosting plans with domain registration included. However the last few days i have not been able to access my sites, and when i go to their site i cannot log into the members area (all my 3 passwords are invalid) and the faq seems to be down, as well as the purchase a hosting package page, and they wont reply to my emails.

    Due to my frustration i did a quick search on google and it looks like i might have signed up with a dodgy host (judging by a few posts on this site). I can accept this as their prices were very cheap, but what i need to know is their anyway i can get my domain names back so i can transfer them to another host. I signed up through WorldPay.

    Thanks in advance

    ps i have'nt named the company as im new to this game and i could be wrong.

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    Do a WhoIs and check to see if your email is listed as the admin of your domains - or is the host listed as the admin.

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    You'll have to name the domain(s) in order for anyone to help you.

    You can PM me them and I'll look at their current state and give you my opinion.

    myOstrich Internet - OpenSRS Domain Names & Digital Certificates

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