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    Starter php hosting

    Im just beginning to learn php and am considering the best way of hosting php scripts for practicing. Would i be best just to sign up with a cheap host or is there an easy way of running it locally? Im hoping to progress fairly quickly to creating a small website. Where would you suggest i start. There is so much advice available on here its quite overwhelming to be honest!

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    Since you're just learning, if you can, it would be best to start with a $5 or less plan rather than installing/configuring everything yourself to suit your needs.
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    Hi Westport, welcome to WHT! Yes, the information you'll find here can be overwhelming. I am sorry for recommending this, but your best advice would be to do your research. Decide on how much space and B/W you think you'll need (probably not much in the beginning) and a budget for yourself. Then hang around these forums for a little while and read a lot. You'll get an idea of good hosts soon. Simply make a list of hosts that you feel are good, checking them out to make sure they offer what you need. (Most will). Ask questions about them here and contact them, checking the type of response you get from them and the time it takes for them to reply. Widdle your list down till you find the one that's best for you. Best of luck and let us know who you choose.
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    If you are just going to be learning, just install PHP locally on your PC. You can find an install package here:

    Or, if you run Mac OS X, here:

    I use MAMP for development and nothing could be simpler to set up and run a development webserver locally. I assume WAMP5 is similar, but I avoid Windows as much as I can and haven't tried it out.
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    why don't you check out forum. they have free web hosts that offer mysql and php
    since it is just for practice. it is free
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    If you're looking for a very easy way to run PHP and MySQL locally, check out EasyPHP (google it). It's a very simple install, no setup required. Already has phpMyAdmin. I use it all the time - very handy.

    For practicing, nothing beats local development. But if you want real-life testing of your code, you will have to publish it somewhere and have people try it out .

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