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Who we are:

Beyond the basic mechanics and cabling jargon that serve as the network infrastructure of MediaLayer, you will find professional - trained associates that are eager to jump in and serve you. The ideology is to provide not only the necessary resources needed to power your web site(s), but to serve as a second set of hands to help make your business thrive.

MediaLayer believes in maintaining a comfortable learning and development atmosphere for our customers. Our services are open to all types of people. Novice users are welcomed as we (our staff) go above and beyond to not only host your site, but help you utilize your hosting account to it's fullest. For the intermediate and expert developers, you can rely on our expertise in the business to provide a stable platform to build your website on. We are constantly researching and releasing new web technologies, for example Web 2.0 support. In addition to high performance web hosting services, MediaLayer also offers affordable, standards compliant web development.

Hosting specs:

New accounts placed on . . .

Dual AMD Opteron 244
RAID Protected 15K RPM SCSI Disks
Located in Los Angeles, CA with redundant, route-optimized Gigabit Ethernet connections to Mzima.

Control Panel: DirectAdmin
OS: CentOs 4.4 w/ optimized kernel
Apache Version: 2.2.3
MySQL Version: 5.0.24
PHP Version: 4.4.4 *ACCELERATED*
* PHP 5.2.0 is also available per request.

Hosting plans:

In order to best fit each and everyone's needs, we tailor custom plans for every customer. In order to get a free, zero-obligation quote please contact [email protected] with the details of what you would like to host. We can offer small-scale shared hosting all the way to fully managed dedicated clusters and are very flexible with upgrades. No matter how large of a site you need to host, we definitely have a solution for you. Contact us today!

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