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    Alice's adventures in internetland

    Curiouser and Curiouser!!!!

    Hi all!!! I am new here but I wanted to share a little story that might interest one or two of ya.

    I live in one of the lesser known regions of Down Under (you won't find the likes of Tom Cruise or Sarah Michelle Gellar hanging out here in Adelaide - tho I hear tell Billy Connolly is quite partial to the little city)

    Anyway (I am wandering off the topic as usual) it is not often any internet related seminars include Adelaide on their itinerary so I normally ignore all those odd offers for free seminars in my email. But - a couple of weeks ago Bravenet (or a partner) sent me an invite and imagine my surprise to find an event booked just down the road from me at the beautiful seaside resort of Glenelg.

    So--- off I toddled to find out what this "internet marketing seminar normally priced at $95 (AUD) but free for me just because I am so fabulous" - was all about.

    It was, of course, absolute twaddle. I mean, I'm no internet marketing guru but even I know that if you want to get ahead on the internet you need a domain name, a host, email and (Info shock!!!) listing in search engines. I could have told them more than this bloke did - just without the terribly urgent and over-hyped American accent.

    The point of this lame seminar was to convince us all to attend their all day workshop the following week (normally priced at $2,800 AUD) for the bargain price of $100. And at that all day seminar they would teach us all more amazing "secrets" like the ones they taught us today!!!!! And they'd even give us some food and drinks this time and a book at the end of it. Aren't they sounding like a lovely bunch so far!!???

    And, might be thinking............what's the catch???? (then again you might already have noticed one). But the point - it seems, of attending the all day seminar was to give you the opportunity - yes "opportunity" to sign up for their fabulous on-line shop deal. Now if, and only if, you signed up and paid for the all day seminar TODAY - and then actually attended the seminar next week (you can bring your partner for free!) then you would get the following bargain.

    1. You could sign up for their hosting (on-line shop) package and have the usual sign up fee of $3,000 (AUD) waived just as a thank you for coming along to the seminar.


    2. You could get their you-beaut hosting package for a mere $3,500 (AUD) per month (or was that $5,300 - I think I'd stopped listening by this stage).

    3. For this small fee (which is a lot less than you normally get charged for all these services so he said) you get your site designed and set up with a cart and email form and autoresponder and you're even given products to sell (like travel bags and novelty items) from their exclusive catalogue and...and... listed in search engines and stuff like that.

    Normally, they told the crowd, you would pay MUCH more than this just for hosting alone.

    The awful thing is that at the beginning of the seminar - they asked who had a business and everyone put up their hand. Then they asked who had a website or did any business on-line - and mine was the ONLY hand that was raised.

    later - when the audience was asked "Who knows what a search engine is" only MY HAND went up. So these people simply have no idea what is really going on out there (or in here I guess)

    And most of these people signed up for the seminar before they left. (The guy sitting next to me didn't - he made a fast exit as soon as he got the chance - he seemed like he didnt believe them - I wonder if had anything to do with all the snickering I was doing throughout the presentation?).

    Interesting afternoon at the Glenelg hotel I must say..................
    I will not go quietly!

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    ahh. those seminars are quite scary, without a doubt. and it is scary sometimes thinking of the people who don't even know what a search engine is.

    or is it scary that i expect everyone to know what a search engine is? i can't quite figure i out.

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