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    Post Pair Networks 120 Day Review + PairNIC

    UPDATE: I still cannot post links/vbcode (soon) please excuse the formatting.


    On August 31st I posted my Pair Networks "30 Day MINI Review" at that time I rated the service as follows:

    Setup Experience 10/10
    Reliability/Uptime 9/10
    Manageability/Easte of Use 7.5/10
    Price 8/10
    Overall 34.5/10 (86%)

    If you would like to read the review the thead is id #543840. Use this sites domain /showthread.php?t=543840


    As of November 30th I will have been with Pair Networks for 4 months, just this past week I also moved our domain to PairNIC. Below are the updated statistics & comments on the web hosting solution and as a bonus an initial review of PairNIC.

    120 Day Web Hosting Review

    Setup Experience (10/10)

    This segment remains the same as there has been no further interaction with pre-sales and the account has already been initialized. I will likely remove this category from future updates.

    Reliability/Uptime (10/10)

    As previously noted Pair placed our account on the 'aoba or www443' server. During the first month of hosting there was 30 minutes of downtime. During the last few months however there has not been as much as a hiccup. In fact the server uptime which anyone can see shows "up 112 days". I am thrilled with this level of service in comparison to what I was getting with the previous host.

    I still wish that Pair had some form of RSS feed that would inform me of any issues regarding the server. They do have an RSS feed but it notes issues with all servers which is quite overwhelming in volume.

    Manageability / Ease of Use (8/10)

    I noted in the past that Pair does not use CPanel so it does take a little bit of getting used to. The no frills management tools actually turn out to be quite slick and powerful once you get used to them. Because there are very few graphics and Pair has so much bandwidth the tools load very quickly. I have not yet tried using them on Blackberry but do not see any reason why they would not work. Why only an 8/10 then? I still do not feel I could pass some of the management tools on to a 'non-techie'. I did not feel that way about CPanel.

    Price (9/10)

    Still not thrilled with the price as we could easily get much more space/transfer for less money. That being said the service is truly world class. I do not see any reason at this point to even look around or think about the pricing. They tend to offer little promotions month to month and if you were to take advantage of them it would drive your cost down. I have not yet locked into a longer term deal with them and probably should to bring the cost down.

    Overall so far..... (37/40) (93%)

    Initial PairNIC Thoughts

    When I came to Pair web hosting as a 'refugee' of a defunct provider I did not even think about the domain registration. Perhaps Pair could be faulted slightly for not suggesting the transfer of the domain, perhaps they did and I missed it. Turns out our domain was up for expiry near the end of November and I got a notice from a 3rd party I had never heard of who our previous host had used to register the domain. I had to contact them and jump through a lot of hoops to get the domain transfer code. Once all that was done it truly was a breeze to setup PairNIC and the employees helped me in a friendly and courteous manner. I basically said "HELP my domain is expiring in 3 days what do I do" and they walked me through everything.

    - Every email you send generates a unique ticket number you can reference.
    - Employees know what they are doing and answer very quickly.
    - Domain went into a HOLD status and did not expire while it transferred.
    - Extended domain for 5 years @ $13/year which seemed fair.
    - All of our hosting is now under one roof.

    I really did not have to do any configuration as we have a very basic domain. In the future we plan on doing a lot more so I will write up some more comments at that time. Looking around at the interface it seems very simple to LOCK the domain, alter DNS and add/remove advanced attributes like MX/CNAME.


    If you have any specific questions please feel free to let me know. I do not work for Pair and I am not affiliated with them in any way. My only motive is to share my experience with a business that is actually doing a good job in this field unlike so MANY others. Should anything change I will try to come back ASAP to this forum and post an update.

    Happy Hosting

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    Glad to see you're enjoying your service with them!
    Be sure to come back in another few months with another review!
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    Glad to hear your opinion of Pair has actually improved!

    I basically said "HELP my domain is expiring in 3 days what do I do" and they walked me through everything.
    I would call that, a very lucky escape!

    I was going to ask you what domain you host with them (to validate your review), but I found it in one of your previous posts.

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    Thank you for the feedback/comments. In case anyone else is curious our domain is and although it looks like nothing we LIVE and DIE by email!

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    Very nice review! Nicely done and thought out! This post should also teach a few people things, you mentioned the cost was a little high and that you could get more for less someplace else, but that because of the service and support you were more than happy. You do get what you pay for. Glad you found a great host and looking foward to hearing your experiences over time.
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