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    Talking cPanel License $43.00 per month!

    Touch Support is now an authorized cPanel Distributor!

    You can lease your cPanel License for only $43.00 per month.

    Installation is free, and this includes coverage of 2 cPanel support issues per month.

    cPanel is multi-interface server control panel specifically created for web hosting companies. Along with allowing your clients to manipulate their own email addresses, mailing lists, software installations, mysql databases (and a wealth of additional features), cPanel also includes an interface for server management which contains functions for mass account changes, server software updates, SSL installation, DNS management, and server-wide database access features (to name a few).

    All licenses are per-server (based on main server IP address) and are for unlimited domains.

    You can sign up online at:

    The coupon code for this special price of $43.00 per month is: GRSPANEL

    We will provide free installation and we will provide coverage for 2 cPanel support issues each month.

    More information?

    Questions? [email protected] <mailto: [email protected]>

    Or call: Grady at 260 241 7539
    AIM TSGradyR

    VPS cPanel Licensing Now Available!

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    i have buy 1 license for cpanel. when will be ready?
    Web Hosting Indonesia - 1999-2012

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    update: my cpanel license has been activated
    thank you
    Web Hosting Indonesia - 1999-2012

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    Hi ....

    How is the cost of Cpanel License but Yearly ??

    Thanks !

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