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    Raid1 onboard questions

    Sorry if this is not the correct place to post my questions.

    I am curious to know before I purchase a server with Intel onboard raid which I wanted to setup Raid1 (note: i can't afford external raid)

    - Does onboard raid slow down server performance like 50%? or 10%?

    - What might happen when shits happen such as DDOS attack over the data since all data are transfered on board? Anything I should aware of?

    I need to know all the weaknesses of using Raid1 onboard itself.


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    no. this will not slow down the speed ... as long as you config. it correctly

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    "yes" it will the on board raid is software raid so it relies on the CPU to do everything.

    In normal operations it should be ok but under a heavy MySQL you will have some load issues.
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    with RAID1 you should be ok as it doesn't need to do serious xor processing, just writes to both discs. Onboard RAID is often known as 'fakeraid' in that it relies on a software driver to manage the raid-ing (as opposed to a dedicated CPU on a full-hardware RAID card).

    You could go with software raid for the same performance, but with the added benefit of not being dependant on the mobo drivers.
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