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    * Ait

    Anyone have any experience with Good or bad???

    Thanks ahead of time.


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    I just wish to say: If you can put up with the server being down for MORE THAN 1 WEEK, then you can go for AIT.

    or if you can put up with having to call ten times to ask them why the cpanel is not helping you to create a DSN to your database, and they said:"the cpanel may not be working right", you can go ahead too

    Please find another host

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    As far as good web hosting

    they are pretty good. However their business practice leaves a whole lot desired once they start billing you they will never stop, you cannot stop or cancel your account, they simply ignore all request to cancel and month after month they continue to bill you. So if you go with them do not give a credit card number or you will never get rid of them.


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    Stay away from AIT.
    (just do a quick search on this forum and you'll see why).


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