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    Colo Voice Application

    Hi all,

    We've recently chosen a Voxeo 1U Fusion server to host our voice application. We're a UK-based company, but we need cheap VoIP rates as we'll be mostly making calls to the US.

    After some investigation it looks like co-locating this server in the US is the most cost effective way of achieving this. We'll be making around 9000 calls a day, so low VOIP costs are of utmost importance. We've calculated that around 1Mbps bandwidth is what we'll require to support this.

    Does anyone have a view on whether this infrastucture sounds feasible/reasonable? Also, can you recommend any good US based colo hosts? And any good/cheap VOIP providers?

    Thanks very much - any help is much appreciated, I'm new to this game!


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    How many minutes do you plan per month? Level3 offers direct SIP termination or T1/T3 trunks for around >3,000,000 minutes a month when I talked to them last. Cost was extremely reasonable for the amount of minutes too.

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    Level-3 has fair rates, but some rather ridiculous minimum commitments. We use them as well for a lot of markets, but they are not always the preferred provider in a least cost routing matrix, and they bill you for Intralata versus Interlata. That sucks for local calls of course, but you can get basically free local with their ELS product. All you have to do is pay $8.00 per DID and meet their $30,000.00 per month minimum commitment.

    Or get all the same services from a service provider that uses them as an underlying carrier. We use them, but since they do not do T.38 (needed for fax) and they don't offer CNAME or E911 on their ELI platform...we have built out our network to provide those services and better pricing to additional markets by augmenting their coverage with other providers, and our own IP-to-TDM POPs in our core markets.

    And another thing, don't expect them to get your bill right, that's apparently too much to ask Level-3 They are almost as bad as XO.
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    Well how to you plan to terminate calls? Via IP or via TDM? TDM IMO is your best bet, and with that call volume would not be an issue, probably cheaper. HOw many simultaneous calls must you support? Most important thing to look at is latency AND stabilitiby between your ISP and co-lo....... Good luck.

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