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    [FOR HIRE] Web Hosting Business Consultancy & Content Writing Services

    I am offering a service of web hosting business consultancy. This means that for a fixed fee, you will receive analysis/advice about your web hosting business, how to market to obtain and keep clients, and how to develop your business.

    With over four years’ experience in the industry, I am well aware of the market. I have been offering ‘web hosting consultancy’ as a private service to my own reseller and dedicated clients for around two years now, and they agree that it has enabled them to expand their clientbase, and ultimately, business.

    The service includes:

    • Commenting on existing services (their effectiveness, market placement, how they are presented and their functionality);
    • Helping your business achieve growth through finding a niche market (locally-based services, etc);
    • Completion a full PPPP (Price, Product, Place and Promotion) analysis of the business;
    • Custom marketing tips based around the client’s business model;
    • Assistance with marketing (up to a month – translates to 5 hours work) based on a pre-set budget by the client;
    • Suggestion of ideas for new and innovative services, and how to market them; based upon the company’s size and ability to deliver these services;
    • Assistance with the wording of web hosting sites so as to improve sales.

    As mentioned, I’ve been in the industry for four years. I have been providing a service based on what I’ve mentioned for two years, but only to my own clients and as a complementary service.

    In terms of sales, I have had experience with my own web hosting business for the same amount of time.

    Numerous clients have noticed what I call ‘strategic sales speak’. I get straight-to-the-point, don’t make bogus claims which put clients off (let’s take for example marketing this advert with ‘you can improve your sales by 500%!’); and most importantly, I don’t disguise that I’m trying to sell a product or service to people.

    Doing so can irritate prospective clients immensely, and I understand the importance of both being personal in terms of their requirements and everyday speech.

    Now, I’m looking to offer it to a wider client base as part-time work. Consequently, my pricing for this service is low because I am just starting out on a public level.

    I can provide this service for a one-off price of $75-$90 (depending on the size of the project and business – service list and web site). For this, you will get all the services mentioned.

    I will be completely hands-on with your business - getting to know you as a business owner, and then shaping the service around your own personal needs. Rather than fitting you around my business model, I always work the other way round.

    Contact me
    You can PM me for further assistance, or you can also add me on AIM: iFuseLiam. Alternatively, add my MSN Messenger address on: [email protected].

    I look forward to working with you.
    Liam - iFuse Technologies Limited
    iFuseHosting - Shared, VPS, Reseller & Dedicated.

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    Perhaps we gonna have lotsa things to talk about. Contact me

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