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    is it possible to be a sole prop..OFFSHORE?

    and just as importantly get accepted by a 3rd party payment processor?

    someone mentioned that you have to incorporate. if so why is that thanks

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    You mean you live in an offshore country and don't have a registered business?

    Shouldn't normally be a problem for a 3PP company.
    It all depends on what kind of website you have as they are not allowed to process for high risk merchants.

    As far as I know, 2CheckOut, CCNow and MultiCards don't have a problem with sole traders even if they are located offshore.

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    no im in the uk i want tomy business to be offshore

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    So, you live in the UK, but you want to have your sole proprietorship in an offshore country???

    I don't think that's possible...

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    The problem with having an offshore company is that if you remain in the UK, then at some point you're probably going to have to move money from the company to yourself in the UK - and there you will find the tax man waiting.

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    Or even worse... the tax man will eventually "figure out" that you've been avoiding him. And then he'll get upset. And then he'll take his share. And then he'll send you to prison.

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    you can register an offshore business via the net using your credit card-and that too sole proprietor.

    the best service i got is from similex inc at but that is in US offshore state such as delaware.

    for other offshore countries you have to search the internet. type "offshore companies".

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