Yellow Fiber Networks is happy to announce to the public that they will be offering Load Balanced Solutions via F5 HA Pair to their customers. We have been providing clustered solutions as part of our Managed Solution Services but now will be making it available to everyone with more of a budget in mind.

YF Cluster is now starting at $350/month for the following configuration
2x of the following:
p4 2.8
512mb ram
80Gb hdd

+$100/month for basic Management (2 hours troubleshooting/admin work, initial mysql/rsync config and setup, Basic business support 24/7 Network/hardware support)
+$300/month Full Management (adding/removing vhosts/accounts,software installs 24/7 Oncall Support)

Additional Bandwidth starting at $20/Mbps for cogent/nlayer or $50/Mbps for Level3+ blend.

All packages come with server monitoring, port/ping/resouce/URL content/mail roundtrip/dns Free

OS: FreeBSD or Linux (CentOS or Fedora Core)

Upgraded servers/configurations are available contact [email protected] for more information and a quote.

Why is clustering such viable tool?
With clustering every few seconds the balancers check the availablity of the web ports they are balancing. If a port fails it will remove the server node from the pool causing all traffic to be redirected to the other members in the pool. If all members in the pool go down all requests can be forwarded to another IP preventing total downtime and loss of traffic. This is what we call the Fallback host.

Being part of a web cluster the cluster appliances act as a Firewall, when you would goto your site you are going to whats referred to a VIP (Virtual IP) or Virtual server the only port this VIP is listening on is the ones that we tell it/allow. All machines behind the balancers are in their own Vlans in a private network. How do you access your server via ssh? easy we can still create a NAT to your machines so you can access them individualy or you can just access one of them and then connect to each one from that one box from the private network. *VPN access is comming shortly*

What if I use mysql and one of my machines goes down?
With the latest versions of mysql you can replicate your databases and keep them active just incase this was to happen. *Must use mysql 5.0 or newer*

Feel free to contact me on icq if you have any questions about these services. If you goto our site you'll get a much higher price than what I can quote you over email, we do not offer cluster configurations or listings on our site so please contact us for information [email protected]