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    Unhappy trouble in exim!!

    when i trying to send a mail ... it return into the mail queue

    and the reason of the failure is:

    unrouteable mail domain ""

    that,"anydomian" means any domian ,such as hotmail,msn,yahoo....

    what can i do to fix it???

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    on ssh run

    /scripts/eximup --force

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    i've did the force update later but doesn't make any changes !!!

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    I have faced similar problem before, but exim upgrade fixed it.

    May be you can try upcp to a different cpanel version and see if it fixed.

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    thank u
    iam fixed th problem

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    kingele18, can you tell how you fixed it, exim upgrade or a different way ?

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    Check and make sure first of all your dns servers are in working order. Then make sure to clear the firewall and then try to see if that happens again.
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