I am currently researching the scale, motivations and methods used by IT staff to access confidential information - or not as the case may be. So far I have around 180 responses with some interesting results.

One of my existing responders has suggested that I post here, as he felt the research would be of interest to the rest of this board.

If you have five minutes to spare, would like a chance to win a 25 (or $40 USD) voucher for Amazon and are prepared to help with some research then please take a look at:

This survey is completely anonymous, and although I do need some contact details in order to deliver the prize these are held completely separately from the actual survey responses so please do be honest, it has no impact at all on your chance of winning.

The survey is open until the end of November, the winner will be randomly selected on the 1st December.

thanks for your time


Even if you aren't prepared to respond yourself I'd be really greatful if you could forward this message to your IT department.