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    What is 'gpc' value


    I have a script which stops working once I transfered my accounts to a new server using the Cpanel transfer mode.

    All of my scripts are working fine except for one.

    When I ask the programmer of the script, he says my new server host disable 'gpc' value, that's why the script couldn't function properly.

    I ask the tech guy of my webhost and he's not sure it is.

    Does anyone of you know what 'gpc' value is?


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    I suppose he is referring to the gpc_order setting, which determines which data at all and in which order data with the same value name is made a global variable respectively stored in the $_REQUEST array.

    In your case however I rather believe that the reason is a disabled register_global setting. Without seeing code however it is difficult to say. - Is your site up?
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