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    Question about what it is I need, and if it is possible.

    Ok I know a bit about what I am talking about, I have ran my own dedicated server for almost three years now, but I am getting tired of what we are getting for the price.

    Basically we run a game server. Game servers can be found for like 35$ a month. We are paying 106 (because we are getting a dedicated server, and running the game server and our site off of it.)

    The reason we continue to pay this rate is because people want to be able to launch into Wolf (the game we host) and then just type /connect (I am not gonna spam), they do not want to have to remember a different IP.

    I am getting tired of paying as much as we do each month for our dedicated.
    I am looking at a VPS from canaca (
    And 1 or 2 game servers from Escaped Turkey (

    The plan is to run the website on the VPS from Canaca, possibly also TS and Vent (might get another vent server because people are tired of our 8 client limit on vent), and then run the game servers at escaped turkey.

    Now here is what I want to do (I will make up IP addresses that can not be IP addresses just for simplicity (PLEASE DONT TELL ME 255 IS AS HIGH AS IT GOES! I know I am doing it for simplicity!)

    Lets say we get our
    VPS IP:
    Vent Server IP:
    Game Server 1 IP: 333.333.333.3
    Game Server 2 Ip: 444.444.444.4

    Now what I would be doing is running web (80) ftp (21) and TS (3882?) on

    What I want to be able to do is when a request goes to that it sends it to (I think thats Vent but I dont remember just for now let's say vent is 8000)

    If a request goes to then it will be forwarded to 333.333.333.3:27960

    And finally if something goes to it will be forwarded to 444.444.444.4:27960

    Is all of this actually possible, or am I just dreaming in technicolor?

    Thank you so much for your help and suggestions.

    Also if you have suggestions on better companies to go with (or stories about the companies I have chosen any comments would be appreciated!)

    Thanks again.

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    I believe the best way to go about this would be a different approach. If I were you I'd setup DNS records to point in the appropriate places.

    Example: would point to the web server would point to would point to 333.333.333.3 would point to 444.444.444.4

    This way you don't have things forwarding to places, less bandwidth and processor is used, and things are just done properly.

    Good luck with your site and game server.

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    Arrow It is possible for a complete server


    I am aware that it is possible to forward port on complete server (i.e. dedicated server) or server where full OS is running. (I assume that VPS does not give toos/softwares & settings like Full OS).

    We have done forwarding from GateWAY PC to internal PCs using port forwarding. On FREEBSD using NATD it is quite easy.

    But i do not have full experience of such settings for VPS.


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    I'd suggest looking into iptables rules regarding port mapping/bouncing. Should be easy enough to setup a port forward so incoming traffic to the specific ports gets a connection redirect to the other IP address (it's really a matter of if the client used will accept it or read the bounce and block it... whole other story there).
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    I would strongly suggest against Canaca. I've had bad experiences with them, both in terms of uptime and customer support. (Not to mention that they seem to love charging my credit card -- must be fun for them.)

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