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    Avoid SynergyBlue (Andy) like the plague!!!

    Once upon a time, I was a very satisfied SonataWeb customer. At some point, Andy & SynergyBlue bought out SonataWeb, and everything went to Hell:

    -A few months ago, one of the servers was hacked at the root level. The supposed "off-site backups" were nowhere to be found and many people lost all of their data.
    -It was almost impossible to get a response or any information from anyone at SB as to what was going on.
    -Andy promised everyone two free months of hosting to make up for it, then he charged my credit card anyway (and several other people). I have e-mailed him several times and received zero responses.
    -You could have read about all this from the people discussing these issues in the SB forums, but unfortunately Andy shut them down. Or they were hacked. Whatever.

    Avoid this POS hosting company if you value your time, your money, or your data.

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    Sorry to hear about your issues recently with Sonataweb. The previous owner is still a regular here at WHT so maybe he'll get the chance to contact Andy to take a look at the issues. Hopefully things will get resolved, services returned back to normal and go uphill from here on.

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    Who is the previous owner? I found Terry at SonataWeb to be one of the best people I'm deal with - just curious if he's the person you're referring to.

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    just curious if he's the person you're referring to.
    Yes, Terry is the previous owner.

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    It would appear that Andy has let his business fall to pieces.

    I, also, was a happy sonataweb customer, and renewed my subscription in February, as I had had no problems with SynergyBlue, until I noticed all my sites were dead a while ago.

    I sent tech support an e-mail, but got no reply.

    Fortunately, my sites weren't critical at all, so I found new hosting and moved my sites, using my last backups, to the new host.

    I'd imagine Terry must be pretty annoyed at this outcome for 'his' comnpanies once excellent reputation.

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    It's hard to imagine Terry letting this thread go without a response when he was running SW, but little surprise that Andy has yet to make an appearance.

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    I can confirm this one. This host was good before it was sold, now it is plagued by lack of updates which led it to get hacked, and slow to no response time by Andy. Currently half of our email accounts on there are being rejected back with retry being exceeded while others work fine. After bein moved to Xena half our stuff wasn't activated without several phone calls and then we were told the drives were being sent out to recover the data after the machine was breached. We've never received one ounce of data or information or follow-up since AFAIK

    avoid them at all costs

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    Sonataweb died once Andy got his hands onto the business. I`m sure Terry regrets some if not all of the sale.

    Quite a few made Andy offers to buy back Sonataweb, but they were turned away. Andy saying he was going to rebuild Sonataweb and get it back where it belongs bla bla bla bla.

    Andy has closed down Sonataweb?

    From what I`ve read before, Andy owes money so maybe he`s keeping a low profile!

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