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Thread: godaddy hosting

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    godaddy hosting

    hi, i tried searching but seems to be able to only find info about godaddy domain registration. i would like to know if godaddy hosting is reliable, in terms of uptime, support etc..

    would greatly appreciate any comments! thanks

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    When doing a search, select the "Search titles only" option and choose to search only the "Web Hosting Forum" section. This should focus the search enough for you to find at least a couple of reviews of their hosting, if you read a few threads from the search results.

    Good luck!

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    GoDaddy is a very bad host.
    Search for some reviews and you will see... When people say that things that you will read, beliave, its true.

    I'm a GoDaddy client yet... but I hate them. Slow server, slow FTP.

    BTW, GoDaddy is in my black list:
    B.L. - International:,, VeggieHost
    B.L. - National:,,,

    Very very very bad hosts...

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    You can just do a search online about them or even contact them directly and see if they meet your needs.

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    GoDaddy is in my black list
    I agree godaddy is bad as a host
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    Remember that people are always going to post articles about bad hosts over good ones because you expect good hosts so why say anything about what you expect?

    As much as it puts me off companies when I see posts like the 2 above I still take that with a pinch of salt. If they were "really" bad then they'd have media issues as well as technical ones!
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    I host several very simple sites on godaddy and they've done fine. Most are flat html. Two run phpbb and gallery on them with fairly low traffic and small databases. They do fine.

    However, I have another site that has a fairly large database and gets some decent traffic. The way they have their database and web servers set-up as separate physical boxes they don't always play well together. I just moved this site over to lunarpages and it works fine.

    I've always found godaddy's tech support very willing to point the finger at you versus admit that their technology might not be up to snuff. Such was the case with my troutlinks site. Lunarpages has been much more helpful.

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    I have not seen more than a few good feedbacks about GoDaddy hosting services. They are good for domain name registration though
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    Quote Originally Posted by edifice
    I have not seen more than a few good feedbacks about GoDaddy hosting services. They are good for domain name registration though
    I have only read good feedback about their domain registration services only too, mostly negative comments regarding their hosting.

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