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    I need a PHP/MySQL coder!

    Hello everyone,

    I need a coder for an upcoming site I'm working on called
    I don't have money to give, but in return I'm offering adspace on the site when finished, and free design services (website design, flyer, logo etc..ask me for my portfolio).
    The site has a lot of potential, and It will get a lot of traffic when launched because I know a forum that allows you to make stickys to thousands of people for a paid price

    -Must know css/php/mysql
    -must have AIM or MSN for fast communication
    -some works to show me past coding jobs

    If you are interested please contact me:
    aim: scmarco10
    msn: [email protected]
    pm or post


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    can you specify the php work? and can you show me your portfolio?


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    The PHP work will be somewhat like digg, but you will scrape online stores for deals (I have links). Also there will be a user system to login, signup, etc.

    Some of my work...

    Other work:

    Let me know if you're interested. Anymore questions, just ask.

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    Still looking...

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    found someone thanks

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