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    Strange new domain buyer scam

    I recently bought a few domains off an individual a few days ago and what followed is worth letting everyone else know in case they run into the same story. I almost fell for it letting the scammer have the domain at cost but he didnt want that, he wanted to totally scam the domains. I have never heard such a story and it didnt sound like a scam at first. until towards the ends its obvious.

    I had got to asking around a few people I know that sells domains and they say that they have heard this same line more then a few times, go figure.

    So I bought the domains, not 2 hours after I bought the domains I get this email here:

    This is your first and last warning.
    I will be contacting my attorney for purchasing my websites. Which you
    bought (and illegally own)
    ##So either way, if you do me wrong, I will do you wrong. If you help me, I
    can help you

    I would suggest you help this situation, and if not you will be hearing from
    my attorneys. Thanks
    So I email him, back like who the heck is this and how did you get my email? I also told him I didnt know anything about no stolen domains and that if he proved they were indeed stolen that I would let him have them at cost, what I paid for them.
    Here is his reply:

    Dude, I am going to prove their mine, but I am not paying 150. No need,
    there mine and they were stolen.
    Either you work with me, or not. But the ball is moving, and eventually you
    will be out the 150.
    So now I start thinking, maybe this guys is for real, maybe he really did have his domains stolen but then again even if he did I was not gonna let him have them for free. I told him again if he paid me what i put in them they were his IF he showed some kind of proof that he had some domains stolen. Needless to say no such proof arrived.

    So after about 6 more emails of more haggling and him swearing that they are his yet he cant priovide any proof he finally says he will pay the $150. I told him I would not accept the money unless he could show me some way he owned them and they was in fact stolen.

    ok, and I get all four of my sites correct?

    I am ready...I need you to respond please.
    I will need you to unlock them
    He keeps on trying to get me to unlock them and start the transfer before he pays

    Ok, I'll pay you within a couple minutes, but can you unlock the domains so
    i can start the transfer?
    And I get all four correct?

    So then he emails me back and wants me to send the account change email

    Of course he did not pay, sent a few more mails trying to get me to start the transfer before he paid. I finally come to my senses and realize this is a stupid scam and I already felt stupid for entertaining it as long as I did, then he sends his last email before I block him

    its ok man, you and that person will have a rude awakening
    You can not do this and get away with this. You are wrong. If you would
    work with me, thats fine...I would prove to you their were stolen. So either way, if you do me wrong, I will do you wrong. If you help me, I
    can help you. Do the right thing and give me my domains before you make things harder on yourself.
    I had bought these 4 domains for $150 and it tunrs out one of them got a pretty high bid. How this guy got my email so fast after I bought it, I dont have a clue. So I heard from a few people they have had the very same or similar scam attempts after buying domains before.

    I say this actually does sucker some people but I dont see how, I felt like an idiot for even considering that this guy was telling the truth.

    Figured I would share this with everyone. if you hear a similar story most likely its a scam.

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    Thanks for the head up. What a wierd world.

    If it was really "his" domains once, he could have proven that easily enough by using (Domaintools)
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    Did you bought expired domains?

    People use to be angry when their expired domains are sold in a auction, and sometimes, that people act like a child (like happened to you)

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    No I bought these off a guy who frequents my site. one of the domains was gold so I see why everyone was after it. The thing is I dont know how this guy is getting all this info unlesss he has one of them godaddy change alerts on it. Because I ended up selling these tonight and as soon as I sold it, not 15 minutes after the guy I sold them too messages me back saying that he is getting court threats.

    This guy barely done the transaction in the first place he was so scareed I would take his money and not pay him but he didnt wanna use sedo so I done it that way. Anyway he is tripping already and he hears this, he is like "Well looks like Im the one going to court now"
    Im like man, thats a scam, and he was still worried.
    I say this guy will end up being suckered by this scam. I could imagine that something like that would work on some people. But I wonder how they are finding out who the domains went to as soon as they change hands

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    Your story's actually not unique. But good of you to share it anyway.

    I believe someone once said something like "you can't cheat an honest man".

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