Today SCPanel.NET released SCPanel version 1.75, the industry leading Shoutcast hosting control panel software. Version 1.75 of SCPanel includes a new centralized administrative control panel, faster licensing system and a completed SCPanel API.

The new centralized administrative control panel lays the groundwork for one-stop license management, remote Shoutcast radio modifications, multiple server cluster support, and remote automated SCPanel installations.

"These are enterprise level Shoutcast hosting features that we hope will continue to move the Shoutcast industry forward." commented Alex from SCPanel.NET, "We are always working to keep SCPanel as the industry standard for Shoutcast hosting."

The recently completed SCPanel API will allow for remote SCPanel installations, remote management, billing control panel integration and will also open the door to any outside developers to create their own SCPanel add-ons.

"With our completed API, our clients can expect some exciting new features in the near future," commented Alex.

About SCPanel.NET:
SCPanel is the industry standard control panel for Shoutcast hosting. SCPanel is designed to allow web hosting providers, the ability to provide Shoutcast streaming services, for audio and video, streaming or on-demand. SCPanel can be easily integrated with cPanel and other popular web hosting control panels such as Plesk, Ensim, DirectAdmin.

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