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    New File Hosting Site For Sale!

    I am currently selling a free file hosting website. This website comes with a great domain name ( and a nice skin too.

    What's Included:
    -Design (Costs $50)
    -Mega File Hosting Script (costs $100 - lasts for one year) []
    -4 Languages
    -All pages on the website
    -One FREE Month on my current server (located at, Intel P4 2.8Ghz processor,1GB RAM,160GB SATA drive,1500GB Bandwidth, $149/monthly)

    I just started running Google Adsense today and made about $1. I have not done any advertising for this site and currently have 39 files uploaded and 1344 total downloads. I have decided to sell this site because I have recently committed to another project with friends at school and will not have time to continue running this site.

    I have used about 30GB of b/w on my server. My server costs $130/month and is not included in this package.

    BIN: $200

    Please PM me with all offers and reply here with all questions.

    Thank you.
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    did you have proof of revenue / site stats?
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    Yes I have proof of files uploaded and download stats.
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    site stats?

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    Could you please e-mail me the stats of the site as well as the revenue and the time it has been up.

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