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    Talking Looking for a review of my website

    I am just looking for some helpful advice on how to mkae my website , well.....better.

    Also Does anyone know how i can check for some html errors. someone said i had a few.

    visit my site at

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    I felt strange that there is only one product, especially as it says you are in business like 2001. That leads me to the assumption that your domain appraisals have to sell better than hot pancakes - at least if you want to make a living from it ;-)

    The homepage is a nice little site for a strict defined product. I think it does probably serve a customer who is looking for a quick appraisal. I would add other (related) products to the site as well to give the customer reasons to come back for more.

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    top: 50px; left: 200px;
    I think your site is not that bad, looking beyond your product the layout is simple and easy to navigate and understand, try looking at other sites that are similiar to yours to get an idea of what it could look like.

    You can validate your mark-up at
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    The edges look a bit harsh, to improve this you may want to blur or smoothen the edges, the navagation bar looks rather bland with a tad interesting, in other words the images look good although the links could do with a little css. The man on the top right needs a little better cropping, you can see the white bits around the edges. Last item, the main text area looks rather un-interesting, bland with the two colours. | low cost quality hosting
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    Blend the business guy photo a little better, looks like a scissor cutout.

    "Professional Domain Appraisals" in the header strikes me as a little cheesy with the heavy drop shadow, especially on that gradient.

    Menu text link colors could be customized.

    Times new roman copyright text should use the same font as everything else and be reduced in size as attention is not important here.

    Mint... still processing that one.

    Not bad though!
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    Background color needs a change, too similar yet clashing to the main blue. - bringing personalized service to customized computers

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    It's a very basic layout. I like your color combination.
    One advise: center your whole layout. When I visit the site, it's not completely aligned to the left, but also not in the center of my screen.
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    For me, All fine, except for green border.

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    The load time on the header was horrible. Slowly populated the page. Might need to work on that. Next - i would do some better work on your guys image there. You still have some white on the top of his head.

    I would contrast the content area and the header a bit more - the colors are very similar as is the page background. Mix it up some.

    The nav bar would look better if you ditch the links, add some tabs and ditch the images. The images there are pretty old school and have been overkilled on template design and practically stolen from some control panel or support center in the past.

    try new things. mix it up. and in the end - have fun!

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