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    Massive LUCK with Seagate (RaQ2)

    I have had an extreme amount of luck today. I have successfully installed the NetBSD into the NasRAQ using the CD method. I then was pondering what to do with it. I studied Webmin and then decided to go for it. You have to telnet to the NasRAQ (use Putty) and install Perl5, and Webmin. I have not used much yet, but I got the Webmin to function!! I have installed 120GB HDD for the primary. I am wondering what is the largest HDD size that can be used by the VIA IDE controller???
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    I do believe that the question is a bit strange.

    Which size limitation of the HDD controller are you refering to ?
    Perhaps the 137GB Bios limitation a few years back ?

    Do I miss something ?

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    I was just thinking about the netbsd install again yesterday but It sounded like it was still having some problems crashing and the Raq2 os works just fine for me. I still use the RaQ2 os and so I make free updates for it as well.

    I would suggest you use my restore cd from and then install my updates from and then it will make a great dns server with bind 8.4.7... I have a Free bind 9 pkg at too...

    Max drive size is the 32 gig limit as far as I know. df -h to see how much you really got...

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