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    Question vnc question, help finding this file

    Kind of new to linux, curious where I would go to edit this file :/


    If you have more that one VNCserver running then replace the 1 with the correct number of the VNCserver you want to kill (the number is given when you start the VNCserver).

    Now you need to edit the ~/.VNC/xstartup (you can use any text editor to do this). In this file uncomment (remove the # signs) from these lines:

    [ -r $HOME/.Xresources ]
    && xrdb $HOME/.Xresources
    xsetroot -solid grey
    exec gnome-session &

    Now, when you login to VNC as a viewer, a default GNOME session will start.


    I got these instructions from...


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    It will be in your home directory (e.g. /home/username/.VNC/xstartup)
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    '~' refers to your user directory. So within your user directory, look for a [hidden] directory with the name .VNC. If you're trying to get there via FTP, make sure both your client and server show hidden directories.


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