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    WARNING: (renamed

    I signed up with over two years ago. Service was good for the most part, but on a few occasions when the site was down or there were problems with email, I'd always get back a message saying "There is no problem". I think this is typical of a lot of hosts, I've heard "it works fine my side" many a time until you get to the real problem, but with softcomca, even though the problems were being witnessed by users around the world, on many different ISPs, they'd always write back saying "it works fine this side/there is no problem".

    But that isn't why I'm writing this. I can live with a few technical glitches, especially seeing as they didn't happen very often. Recently I received an email from softcomca saying, "Your site will be terminated at the end of the month". They said my site was using excessive server resources. They advertise "unlimited web traffic" and as it happens, bandwidth had never been a problem during the two years I'd been with them. I wasn't hosting scripts or anything like that, just JPEGs, HTML pages and a few ASP pages that were only used to insert an image into the top of the page. Traffic had been steady according to the hit tracker on the front page.

    A few weeks before there'd been some kind of DOS attack on one of my mirror sites (with a different host), which amounted to excessive requests for the same script in an attempt to knock out the server. I think something similar happened on the site with softcomca. I wrote to them explaining the situation and asking what we could do if it was a hacker, but they just replied, "Your site has been using excessive server resources and will be terminated at the end of the month".

    And that was that. Unfortunately their termination notice was sent to me just a few days before the end of the month, meaning there was a fair bit of scrambling round to get set up with a different host. I don't know what kind of reputation softcomca have with other users, but I thought this whole approach was unfair, especially given the fact I had been a loyal customer of theirs for over two years.

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    I am not here to Flame another host but at one time we did use them on some sites we built that needed ASP/Access support. We also used them for over two years and I remember very well the Dos attack they had. After that nothing every seemed to work right on the sites we had there. Since we run all our Linux servers and it was not fair to our customers to leave them because in one day we could count their servers re-booting 10 times. We would question support and about 48 hours later they would say everything was resolving on their end. We started logging the downtimes and emailed them and they admitted that they had a problem and they were working with MS to fix it. That never happened and the servers continued to reboot all day long. Needless to say we had to rescipt our customers using PHP and get them on our servers. The only reason we did not do it in the first place was these were already built sites with the NT need.

    Anyway I personally have had problems and since they moved to their support did get faster but I can say if the servers were any better.

    My 2 cents..

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    I was with them some 3 years back and then about several months back too.

    Yup, I went there a second time because of the 'unlimited' bandwidth but got the same message a few days before the end of the month that I would need to upgrade to a dedicated plan or have my host shut down. This did not give me much time to move but I had too.

    Never trust the 'unlimited' plan because it seems that there are different tons of definition of what unlimited is.

    The trouble is that they never define what their unlimited is. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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