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    Obtaining a DNS entry from another server


    is it possible to create a nameserver entry that will tell the nameserver to obtain the DNS entry from another nameserver ?

    I.e. Domain points to ns1/ The nameservers from have an entry that tells the bind program on the server to obtain the entry from another nameserver such as ns1/ connects to these nameservers and returns the A entry to the client.

    Can this be done ? And what type of entry do I need to create ?

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    This may work, but i'm not completely sure.

    In your zone file, remove any A, Cname, and MX, and TXT records records for the domain, but leave only your SOA, and NS records. Then change your NS records to reflect the target nameservers.

    Also, don't forget to edit your SOA record to reflect that of your master nameserver, usually the first host in your NS records.

    it may work, but i've never tried it.

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    It should be simpler than that - what you want is a CNAME. In the case where you just want to use the IP address of obtained from it's own nameservers:
    Code: 900 IN CNAME
    Remember that if you want to serve web content from this domain name you'll need a vhost entry on (eg. set up an account on under the domain name

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    What you want is to make the second nameserver a slave to the first one. Use transfers to accomplish this. If you need an example feel free to PM me.

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