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    Smile [NEEDED] Hosting Design Needed


    I am currently looking for “Web Hosting Design”
    I am already in contact with few people but to get some good offers, I thought to post it here.

    I am looking for fully coded design (not just PSD). The site will have at least have 5/6 different pages. (Home page, domain page, CMS page, hosting packages, support, Policy) I guess duplicating a page will not be a problem but still we can discuss it.

    My idea behind “Web Hosting” is a bit different. It’s not a general “Web Hosting”, it is targeted towards a particular script. So even if you have some templates ready with you, I will need some small customizations..

    I will try to make this job as easy as I can. (Coz of budget & time) I have few “Ready Made” templates but I don’t want to use them as it is. So, if you think you can customize them completely that will also work for me.

    Also, please note that since I am about to start, my budget is tight. I want to get a reasonably good design for as low (Affordable) price as I can. If you are looking for hosting, I can even host you with me.. (Many other great opportunities as well, we can talk about it)

    Please post here Or PM me with your quoted price, link to your previous work (a portfolio if possible) and your MSN/YIM id so that we can talk. (If possible tell me when I can get you online, GMT time)


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    I think i should clear out something as many people are getting confused ...

    The Hosting Site is not going to use any CMS or any other script. It's just like any other site. I am going to offer hosting FOR certain CMS.

    The point was, even if you have certain pre-made templates, i will need some modification as i want a different touch..

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    Hi Morpheus,

    I've 2 unique hosting design currently for sale. You can view more details at

    All the design is created originally by me and were not used elsewhere and the design will not be resold once it is purchased. I'll be putting up new design periodically for sale and please feel free to check out them for your next unqiue template hunt.

    By purchasing my templates, you will be getting all PSD files that are well commented and layered, accompanied fonts and exclusive usage of the design. If your purchase includes coding services, you can rest assured that all coding done is compartible for IE and Firefox.

    #1 Web Design and Hosting services Template

    This is a perfect template for business who offers web design and hosting services. It is designed for individuals and companies who like a fast loading, clean and elegant portal for their professional business image.

    It includes 1 index and 17 subpages fully coded in HTML/CSS with PSD layered files for the banners and icons which allows you to personalise the information easily.

    Price: Any offers above $450 will be considered.

    #2 Hosting Template

    If you are not a big fan of standard corporate looking website nor a big fan of minimalist design, this could be what you are looking for.

    The Whale Mascot and the strong colors combination makes a strong impression to your site visitors which adds an unique flavor to your business image.

    It includes 1 HTML coded index page and Multi-layered PSD files at BIN price.

    Price: Any offers above $200 will be considered.

    Payment will be by paypal. I'm a verified seller/buyer with Paypal.

    If you have any further questions, feel free to drop me a msg and I'll be pleased to assist further.

    Thank you for your time taken and consideration.


    [email protected]
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    I think I have taken enough time to decide and to actually start it.
    So to tell everyone, I have decided to go with “John K” from I have made the upfront payment today so we are now actually having a deal . I believe that this is just a beginning of a long term relationship between me & John.

    To everyone else,
    I would like to say thanks a lot of your time. Everyone who send me a PM or replied in this thread, I will keep your contact and if I there would be any other project, I will let you know.

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